Carnival closing in on 2020 emissions target

Published January 0001
Carnival Corp. has nearly reached the 2020 target it set for itself in 2015 for reduction of carbon dioxide engine emissions in its 102-ship fleet.

The company's 2016 sustainability report said it has achieved a 24.8% reduction from 2005 base levels, putting it ahead of schedule in meeting the 25% reduction goal.

Carbon dioxide is a component of greenhouse gases linked to global warming. Emissions are measured by the grams of carbon dioxide equivalents emitted per available lower berth kilometer (ALB-km).

According to the report, the Carnival fleet emissions are about 250 grams per ALB-km, down from about 330 grams per ALB-km in 2005.

In recent years, cruise lines have adopted many practices to reduce fuel consumption, which have had a consequent impact on the level of emissions.

In addition, in 2016, Carnival's Aida brand took delivery of a ship capable of being powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) while in port, and ordered three more ships to be powered by LNG, bringing the total to seven. 

Carnival this year has created a website devoted to the sustainability report. 


The report and complementary site detail the company's sustainability efforts and the progress made in 2016 toward its 2020 sustainability performance goals in 10 areas, including emissions.

Source: Travel Weekly USA